Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sampling of Tweets

I'd rather speak up and be corrected than be quiet and remain mistaken

You can navigate a sailboat but you cannot control the wind.

We must constantly recreate our picture of reality in order to survive.

People invested in stasis fear disruptors and so they attempt to marginalize them

In an infinite universe it is impossible to define anything exclusively.

I still think reality is done with smoke and mirrors

You can accomplish anything you want but not everything you want.

Procrastination is just an alert that you have a scaling problem with your task at hand.

Bad rules always create the situation they were designed to avoid

If you need to beg for a seat at the table maybe you need to think more about what you bring to the table.

Control is an illusion, even if it appears in a policy manual.

You can't learn without failure and you can't be successful without learning

Learning has to be playing. How else does it work?

Use fewer words, own fewer things, set fewer expectations, do fewer tasks, use fewer apps, answer fewer emails. Live more life.

From @weisblatt