Monday, February 25, 2013

Redefining the Game

If you were to do your job perfectly, wouldn't you put yourself out of a job?

Let's play around with this idea. Get some friends to help you out. Go play a game of soccer (football) and pretend you are the Six Million Dollar Man. Each player will act as if they are in slow motion but you will go faster and make a goal. If you  keep this up, you will quickly end the game. There will be no point in playing again. Here you are the best player but there is no game to play. 

You can try to avert this problem by protecting the existence of your job.

Play the same game but this time refuse to  score a goal and simply run circles around the other players. It may seem like you can succeed this way but the game will end soon in this scenario as well.

If your job can't be to protect your job then maybe the goal is to continually redefine your job.

This time let's turn this into an Infinite Game called Abstractjamball (My Performance Art Troupe in the eighties did this prior to Watterson's Calvinball) Pass the ball from player to player and who ever has possession of the ball makes different rules.

What effect would continually redefining your job have. Scary? More scary than becoming irrelevant? What would it look like, how would you draw a new line around what you are responsible for and how would you transform the final product? Can you imagine doing this kind of transformation indefinitely?

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Heretics Need to be Inspired to Action

It can be discouraging sometimes, being a heretic. It is the nature of the business. 

To stay on track you need to be inspired to action. There are people who will tell you that you are doing everything wrong and people who will tell you that everything is going to be great. What you really need is someone to tell you what you need to find in yourself to move forward and what is at stake. 

Here are some bloggers who do this regularly and some of their best articles on the subject.