A social-media enhanced mashup of techniques from the history of Performance Art like Fluxus and Happenings. It is a set of instructions for creating an experience in the real world that is outside the scope of your everyday life.


Someone who exposes disconnects and encourages connections in defiance of the status quo.

The Heretic's Toolbox

A series of Experientities centered around the idea that heretics need tools to be able to act on their ideas


From Fluxus (a performance based on instructions given to an audience.) A Fluxite is a set of instructions given to and performed by a single participant.


A story fragment that can be used to pull together the components of an Experientity


Something that can be used to leverage an idea. It can be a web service, a technology, or a philosophy.


Adam Weisblatt

I am the originator, instigator and narrator of the site.

The Heretic

The Heretic is struggling with his drive to act on his ideas and his fears of being inadequate.


The Heretic's girlfriend who believes that the world needs shaking up and it is the moral obligation of anyone with ideas to act on them.

The Detractor

The Detractor is invested in the Heretic's failure in the name of protecting the status quo. He seeks to own the Heretic's ideas by criticizing them.