Monday, May 13, 2013

Your own Private Hackathon

Hacking: Disrupting things made for the masses so they work for the individual.

My company recently had a Hackathon which is a two day marathon of engineers working on their own ideas. I get excited about this because hacking seems to me to be an ideal Heretic's tool. 

Fluxite: Try it yourself: Find every day things made for the masses and in your mind break apart the function of the object and repurpose it for something that serves your heretical plans.

Hack an object

Example: Stapler as catapult

Hack a System

Example: This was created in PowerPoint

Hack a process:

Example: Modified GTD Process: Defer, Delete, Deconstruct, Delegate, Do

Hack an Idea:

Example: Socrates statement "All that I know is that I know nothing" can be reinterpreted to be seen as giving us the freedom to recreate our reality.

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