Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome to the Machine

When I first heard Pink Floyd as a teen living in New Windsor, NY, I thought "Finally, here are people who know how it feels to be me," even though their songs were about drug attics in England. There was something in the sound of the interludes between their songs that spoke to the isolation and disconnect that I felt all the time while living in Suburbia. I listened to that music alone in my room to at least make one part of my environment achieve equilibrium with what was going on in my head.

Now I have chosen to live in Suburbia and I have words to describe the inherent problems: Unsustainability; Erosion of Identity; Illusion of Control. I can balance the isolation with family and the Internet and the disconnects with my work on The Heretic's Toolbox. I still need to listen to those haunting sounds to remember that I am not a machine but a thinking, exploring and awe inspired human being. 

Here is my ode to Pink Floyd instrumentals created with a keyboard, MIDI TO USB interface and Garage Band and posted to Soundcloud:

Note: this clip was originally used in this post

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