Monday, November 28, 2011


 Go to a parking lot and stand in the far corner
Watch people come and go on the other side of the parking lot
Feel gravity pull you downward
Because of gravity all mass including you creates a depression in the fabric of space-time
Imagine there is a spiral in the pavement
Depending on your mood, walk into or out of the spiral
Watch people come and go on the other side of the parking lot
Quickly speak the one word that is your passion
Feel the air move around you
Enter your word in a Twitter search
Isolation is an illusion of space-time

 Analyn asks the Heretic once again why he does not act on his ideas.
He says he is too isolated
Analyn: “Are you crazy? Haven’t you ever heard of Tweetchat?”

Tool: Tweetchat

Why use it: You need to find the community around your idea so that you can involve them in it.
Search for your word on this Twitter chat schedule
Find a related chat and note the time
At that time, open Tweetchat and sign in with your Twitter account
Type in the name of the Twitterchat and join the conversation
Twitter Chat format:
  • Usually meets weekly
  • Usually monitored
  • Usually archived on a website
  • Begin with introductions
  • Moderator asks questions and participants have a conversation about their answers
  • Ends with re-introductions

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