Monday, January 23, 2012


Analyn sees the Heretic sulking in a corner. She sits beside him and waits.

Heretic: I’m failing…I’m not taking any action on my idea.

Analyn (grabs his iPhone and opens the Evernote app): You’re kidding right? You have 40 notes in Evernote tagged “The Idea”

Heretic: Well I have to do that or I’ll lose my thoughts. But writing a note is not the same thing as taking action.

Analyn: You got a thought out of your head and into a physical form. It may be virtual but it is still real. So are you saying it isn’t enough? What kind of action is enough? I didn’t realize that there was a hierarchy of taking action.

Heretic: OK, so writing a note is an action but does it make a difference?

Analyn: Look, these notes are like money in the bank. Once they are written they are always there for you. Even if you don’t do anything with it for years, it was still worth it. These notes are insurance policies. They protect you from the Detractor. No one else can erase them.

Open an Evernote account and download the app.
Draw a character that represents your idea, even if it is a stick figure.
Add a snapshot note in Evernote by taking a picture of your drawing.
Go to your computer and write an email to your Evernote account and address it to your character.
Explain to your character that you will never give up.

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