Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Time Machine

Fold a piece of paper in half and place the folded edge against your forehead with the bottom edge in your line of sight.

You are Primate 2.0. Earlier models had sloping foreheads but yours is vertical. The redesign was necessary to make room for the Frontal Lobe, the most powerful tool on the planet. The Frontal Lobe allows its user to time-travel. You can look back on the past and see patterns and you can project those patterns on the future to see what might happen. In order to do this the Frontal Lobe searches for meaning in the patterns of reality. With meaning it can create value; with value it can drive intention; with intention it can act on the world and get the results it is looking for. The Frontal Lobe does this all with imagination. Imagination is our survival tool. Like all tools, the Frontal Lobe requires proper care. I’m hoping to give yours a workout.

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