Monday, July 2, 2012

The Opposite Game

I was struggling with my posting schedule for this site and was considering reducing the posts from weekly to bi-weekly. The problem was that I had some more ambitious ideas that I didn’t have time to work on in the tight schedule. Instead I did the opposite of what I planned and what would seem logical. I increased my posting schedule to 5 days per week with a more structured content schedule, and I’ve put off any plan to do large projects. Remarkably this made me more relaxed and confident that I would be able to keep up and get to my ideas. The large projects were the hang up and they were unnecessary. I often play this Opposite Game in order to break through any mental block that I may have. Try it out on something you are stuck on. What is the opposite action to the one you are leaning towards? What would it look like if you tried that approach?

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