Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Square-D Game

As a young performance artist who was enamored with Surrealist Games, I created an Infinite Game called Square-D (named for a manufacturer of electrical power panels). Here are the basics:
  • Begin with coins placed in what seems to be a specific pattern.
  • Each player takes a turn making a move.
  • A move can be any action from sliding a coin to moving a player's body part.
  • Each move must be more complicated than the previous one.
  • The goal is to not let the game end.
Gamification is a buzz word now but people need to understand that all games are not the same. Infinite Games like Calvinball have a different dynamic and may have more application in the spreading of heretical ideas.


  1. Hey, Adam- I remember that game-! what a great way to exercise your imagination muscles! You forgot to mention that each move is entirely created on the spot by the player who is taking their turn, and can take the form of an addition/subtraction of any object or rule into the game...

  2. Hey Hoplizard! This comes from the days of our relentless pursuit of weirdness. Glad you're enjoying it.